Why Architecture?


Well, architecture is everywhere, so let’s play with it!

We experience architecture and design every day, almost all the time. We spend most of our lives in a built environment and surrounded by objects. We could all be considered experts on the subject. Our kids too, even though they wouldn’t think they were.

Architecture is a very complete discipline that involves many topics and can be integrated in education and also linked to the school curriculum. It is a very versatile field that we can use it as a body of knowledge and as a tool for learning.

On the other hand, children like to draw, observe, and experiment with new things. They are creative and use their imagination all the time. They are natural builders, innate seekers, forever curious, and learn through playing.

All these qualities will make a perfect fit to get to work in the projects we do. We think we should take these advantages to teach and learn from and with architecture and design.

We believe the knowledge and practice of the design process will help them be aware of what is around them. When they are involved in the process and learn to understand their environment they will grow more confident and will have more respect for it. We are convinced this will make for a better and more sustainable future. They will be in short the citizens of the future. The quality of the built environment is in our children’s hands.

We would like to bring this opportunity to the children to take this journey to architecture and design with us.