Making Houses in the Classroom


This is a project we did in the Y1 class at Endaze International School.


We worked along with the teachers in a two and a half hours session held in the classroom, during the school schedule. The idea was to link the activity with the objectives and topics they were covering as part of the curriculum. They have been learning about houses as one of the learning outcomes for Geography and History for that term.

The project we were doing was for the children to build a house with recycled materials. One of the first steps would be to collect the materials they will be using. The children and the teachers brought a variety of recycled materials collected in the weeks before.

The day of the activity we started the project talking about houses and what they thought a house was. We discussed the differences between other buildings and what we call a house. They were very excited and really interested in the subject. They all had an idea and an opinion about the matter. They could not stop making questions. They had been working already about houses and residential in that term, so it was a very good way to summarize and to reinforce concepts with this hands-on project.

They worked in groups of two for this activity. They started by selecting the materials they wanted and to use for their house, and therefore they had begun to make decisions of the house they wanted to build without even notice it. They were very busy during the time we were doing the activity and they showed a good knowledge on the topic of houses. They models came out in very different shapes and designs. They usually knew what they wanted for their houses and they discussed the different options they had with their partners. They did a great job collaborating with their peers and they did not need much help from the teachers.

We could perceive the fresh outlook the children always have. It has been a very rewarding activity for all of us. We have really enjoyed this experience.