Inspired by…Numen/For Use


Would you get into a suspended tunnel made of tape?

TAPE PARIS. Palais de Tokyo. Numen/ For Use. 2014-15

I mean with adhesive tape, the plastic sticky strips that we use for packing and so on…Well, I would say it is not a very good idea. The material does not seem like very resistant in itself; at least not enough to support a person’s weight. And this is precisely what Numen/For Use has proved with their installations; they are built using just packaging tape. What makes it truly resistant is the way it is suspended and the number of overlapping layers. In an improbable crossbreed between a cobweb and a cocoon, and after using kilometers of that tape, the material gets transformed, it experiences an amazing metamorphosis; and it finally becomes a translucent hanging structure where you can enter and enjoy.

The result is definitely spectacular and unexpected: