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English Os recomendamos que probéis esta actividad con niñas y niños de cualquier edad. Es muy fácil de preparar porque solo necesitas papel, y resulta muy divertida. De hecho, puedes hacer tus propias reglas, aunque se trata básicamente de fabricar columnas de papel que puedan sostener sobre ellas el mayor número de libros posible. Trabajar…Read more EL RETO DE LAS COLUMNAS DE PAPEL

Plásticos de Usar y Tirar

English Este proyecto tuvo lugar en el colegio Zola de Villafranca durante la feria STEM+A (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Arts) (Ciencia, Tecnología, Ingeniería, Matemáticas y Arte) y en colaboración con el programa beZola. La feria estaba enfocada a concienciar a alumnos y familias del problema que generan los residuos para que puedan actuar en…Read more Plásticos de Usar y Tirar

Making a city

Español This project was about urban development. We began talking about the city, discussing about everything that takes place where we live; since we have all experienced or lived in cities and towns, we all know about the subject. I showed them some images of Majadahonda´s urban planning, which is the location of their school…Read more Making a city

Building Pyramids

Español We have been working on basic structural concepts and ideas in this activity. They would build one paper pyramid out of square-base small pyramids, and the challenge was to put together as many as they could to build the largest pyramid. As a source of inspiration, we began taking a look to the Giza…Read more Building Pyramids

Designing Chairs

Español "A chair is only finished when someone sits in it." Hans J. Wegner, furniture designer   We have designed chairs. It was one of the most interesting sessions we have had. A chair is a simple but elaborate object that can spark really engaging conversations. We began talking about chair design. We talked about…Read more Designing Chairs

Making Houses

Español We had another wonderful and successful session making houses in the workshops at Endaze I. B. S. We started talking about the design and construction of a house: what does the architect do? What does come first? How is the process until the house is built? After that, they got down to business and…Read more Making Houses

Spaghetti Structures

Español This is a very popular activity to do with children; specially in hands-on projects involving engineering, science, maths, and technology, like the activities centered in what is called STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) education. After making this activity I can see why building a structure with spaghetti is such a success. Besides…Read more Spaghetti Structures

Folding Architecture

Español We made this project at the Architecture & Design after school activity we are doing at Endaze International British School. This was an interesting session. The starting point was to build using only one material: paper. They had no glue and yet they were to build a building or structure that would hold up…Read more Folding Architecture