6 Days…6 Books: #4

4. When the characters actually look at you

WE ARE IN A BOOK! Mo Willems.

If you have never been to Mo Willems´personal universe, do not delay, I am sure it will be worth it. Using simple and expressive drawings, where the only thing that appears in most of the pages is the two main characters; and yet fun and action are guaranteed. We are in a book is one of my favorites from the Piggy and Gerald collection. It will literally puts you inside the story, we could be talking about an interactive book here. I would check out the Pigeon books as well.

In the next video the author tells us how he creates his characters, we see how he draws some sketches and he even reads part of a book. We loved how he talks about reading books at the end: “Now, why should you read? Well, because if you read, then maybe you’ll read one of my books, and then maybe you start drawing my characters, and you’ll write a book that I want to read. Wouldn’t that be cool?”

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