6 Days…6 books: #1


We are now at the height of the season, and we would like to bring back our post about books from last Fall. We are about to recommend books that we really like here at Kasamakura; but above all, these are books that we are never tired of looking at, over and over again. We hope you enjoy them.

1. In case you’ve ever dreamed of flying on a magic carpet

JOURNEY. Aaron Becker

This book had to be at the top of the list, certainly. Because we are in a Journey; but mostly because of what you experience with Aaron Becker in this adventure through fantastic worlds and why not: imaginable worlds. Do not hesitate one minute, do grab your red pencil and start drawing because all you can imagine is about to begin. Ideas are endless while the pencil is in your hand. You can find the same concept in Harold and the purple crayon books, the wonderful collection from the 50’s, that we also recommend.

This video show us Mr. Becker talking about his life, his studio, and how he makes the books. You can also see him drawing a little.