We made this project at the Architecture & Design after school activity we are doing at Endaze International British School. This was an interesting session. The starting point was to build using only one material: paper.

They had no glue and yet they were to build a building or structure that would hold up by itself. They had to challenge themselves and show us their building skills. It was not easy at the beginning since I did not give them specific instructions on what to build, and sometimes they feel more comfortable knowing what to do step-by-step. But that was actually one of the goals of this project: they had to figure it out by themselves. They should think with their hands, use their imagination and their creative skills. This way they were building and testing their ideas and developing their problem-solving abilities.


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I began talking about origami. They would be working with paper, so I thought this incredible paper folding art would be the perfect start for the activity. I told them how origami is getting more and more relevant in many activities nowadays. You have scientists working with origami to solve the most incredible problems: from satellite lens to airbags, to proteins, there are applications for origami everywhere.

At the end of the session we displayed all the works together. We discussed what they had done, they explained their creations and get to observe and listen about their classmates’ pieces as well.

I highly recommend the documentary on Origami Between the folds. 

It is a beautiful and interesting film about this art and the impressive things these artist are making. I never imagined that the paper would reach this level of perfection nor could it have so many different applications. It is absolutely amazing!


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