Inspired by…


Tara Donovan. Haze (2003). Rice University Art Gallery. Texas, USA

The material Tara Donovan used for this artwork is one of the most popular and unnoticed objects you can imagine: plastic drinking straws. She stacked over two million of them against a gallery wall. The work plays with the idea of the multiple impressions you get once you have stepped into the exhibit space. The abstract, cloudy, ice-like vision from afar, and then the overwhelming sense of craftsmanship when you are close enough, resembles the works of the Impressionists.

The repetitive use of a single mass-produced object, even infinitely and obsessively; ends up being an unexpected but beautiful work. The surprise of this transformation using such humble material will probably make you look at the elements around us in a different way. We are also mesmerized by the dimensions of this work of art, specially in relation to the material used, and the great versatility of this element.

Can you imagine how many possibilities a small object like this has?

The artist explains part of her creative process in this video:


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